Sapphire Property Management System

Comprehensive Tools for Hotel Establishments

Introducing the Sapphire Property Management System: the ultimate set of tools for your hotel business. Built from the ground up, this software suite contains all the necessary tools to run and grow your business.

Sapphire Property Management System

  • Bookings Management
  • Website Booking Engine
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Business Source Management
  • Room Type Management
  • Rates Management
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Employee Timeclock
  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Multiple Language Support

Availability & Bookings Management

Our property management system is designed to help you manage your bookings with a comprehensive set of tools.

  • User-friendly interface helps target bookings of interest
  • Supports Multiple Guest Folios and Payment Methods
  • Simple Check-In, Check-Out and Exchanges
  • Real-Time Synchronization with Channel Distribution System
Sapphire Systems - Bookings

Website Booking Engine

Integrating your website into the Sapphire Property Management System is easy and powerful. Your visitors can view, modify and cancel reservations all through your website while having real-time synchronization with your back office. There is no need to have your staff perform manual entries and updates.

Plus, with our channel distribution system, reservations made on your website will automatically update availability on external booking engines like and other source of businesses.

Sapphire Systems - Website Reservation

Customer Loyalty Program

Monitor your guest’s track record with your hotel by reviewing statistical information. The Sapphire Property Management System provides you with great insight that can increase customer retention.

Guest Preferences

Keep personal information stored to their account such as: preferred room type, special dates like anniversaries and birthdays, or any other internal notes for your staff to make your valued guest feel welcomed and appreciated.

Guest Statistics and Incentives

View the total amount of nights a guest has stayed and how much revenue has been generated by their business. You can even set up tiered incentives based on a specified metric. For example: one free night for every 10 nights stayed with us.

Mass Email Marketing

Target your preferred customers with informative emails that keep your hotel in their mind while keeping them informed on the latest news.

Sapphire Systems - Customer Loyalty

Manage Business Sources

The Sapphire Property Management System has multiple features built-in to help your hotel establishment keep track of business sources and commissions. These valuable tools allow you to specify sources of business which automatically assign bookings to their respective sources. Moreover, you can specify different rate plans for different sources of business.

These business sources can originate from our distribution channel service, businesses or individuals that send you guests. The system assigns a unique identifier to each source of business that allows you to filter bookings based on sources and even run commission reports.

Sapphire Systems - Business Source

Manage Room Types

Go beyond a simple description and really market your products to sell. The Sapphire Property Management System allows you to input rich details about each room to give informative descriptions to interested travelers. In addition, we support multiple high resolution images so that guests booking online can choose from visual aids rather than blind titles.

You can also take advantage of specifying all the amenities each room type has to offer. When guests are learning more about a room type of interest, most of their questions will be answered.

Sapphire Systems - Room Keys

Manage Rates and Rate Plans

The rate management tools built into the property management system makes the mass updating rates simple and time-saving. With intuitive interfaces, your hotel can target multiple dates at once with ease and set parameters such as:

  • Nightly Rate
  • Minimum Length of Stay
  • Offset (Oversell \ Undersell Units Available)
  • Discount Plan
Sapphire Systems - Rates and Rate Plans

Housekeeping Management

Sapphire PMS provides your management staff and your housekeeping staff with insightful tools that help keep track of guests, their rooms and other room statuses. Features like daily housekeeping reports and staff mobile access are just a few examples that make our property management system the clear choice for modern hotel businesses.

Sapphire Systems - Housekeeping

Employee Timeclock

Keep track of employee hours with the timeclock feature built directly into the property management system. Allow employees to clock in and clock out with either a four digit PIN, fingerprint identification, or staff key card (RFID or Magnetic Strip).

Management can access the accumulated hours through a user-friendly interface. Necessary changes can be made to the hours for any forgotten clock ins or clock outs. Managers can even view, print and export detailed timeclock reports.

Sapphire Systems - Timeclock

Point-of-Sale (POS) System

The Sapphire Property Management System also features an advanced Point-Of-Sale system to be used in your hotel establishment. The system can be configured for retail sales or for restaurants and bars. Departments can be defined to segregate inventory and sales.

  • Inventory Management
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Guests can charge their Room Folio
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Support for Multiple Departments
  • Integrated User Security
  • Works with Most Hardware
Sapphire Systems - Point of Sale

Advanced Reporting

Take advantage of our advanced reporting features that provide insight into detailed aspects of your hotel. Our reporting engine allows for quick rendering and exporting into multiple formats.

  • Net Availability
  • Night Audit
  • Rates
  • Reservations
  • Accounting
  • Timeclock Hours
  • Housekeeping Details
  • Business Source Commissions
  • Many More…
Sapphire Systems - Advanced Reporting

Third Party Integration

Our product is built and supported by software developers that are committed to the constant advancement of the Sapphire Property Management System. This includes the consistent adaptation to new technologies. We currently support integration with the following third party systems:

  • Phone Systems
  • Magnetic Door Lock Systems
  • RFID Door Lock Systems
Sapphire Systems - Third Party Integration

Multiple Language Support

Multiple languages and culture-specific capabilities are already built into the system. This allows for hotel chains with multiple locations across various countries can take advantage of utilizing the property management system in their own language and have currency in the correct denomination. Online visitors can also choose to view the reservation process in the desired language.

We currently support the following languages and intend to expand based on growth into new demographics:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
Sapphire Systems - Multilingual